We hear this here and there. Surely, it is right in many cases. However, it seems like there are some exceptions. Let me talk about the following case.

An engineer has dedicated himself to engineering projects for 7 years at a company. One day the company transfers him to the marketing division. (In fact, Sharp Corporation relocated 900 employees in manufacturing and research to the marketing section last year)


 Marketing is completely new to the engineer and it takes him a lot of time to acquire the business ability. On the other hand, looking at the service he has provided from the view of customers has good aspects in the long term.


 Here is the question. Should he stay at the company and do marketing or complain about the company’s decision and leave? Or should he stay at the company waiting for the right timing?


 We have to remember this. No matter what our job is, it takes a long time to acquire a first-class skill in that field. Therefore, if he chooses to change careers and start marketing, he would be a good salesman in his late thirties.  As a result, he will have less choice at that time when his thinks of job change. So, he will not be able to say yes to the company’s order easily.


 Sometimes we all have to do painful or boring jobs, but it is all right to quit it when we think it is a right thing to do. For example, if an operator at a call center thinks it is OK to work as an operator for 1 year, but not for 5 years, she should leave the job after 1 year. Unless the job at the call center is her job that she seeks, she should not waste her precious time.


 In conclusion, when we want to be professional, we need to be careful for picking our jobs. Time is lacking. We do not have time to do unnecessary things.


 We need to find the job interesting and fun in order to keep dong it. Also, we need to make painstaking efforts to be an expert. Above all, changing ourselves to think that way would be the most tough.


The late Steve Jobs said, “”If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”


We have no idea what would be good for our future. Experience in marketing could be or could not be useful.


 Therefore, we need to trust ourselves. When we trust our own decision, we will not lose the direction. Do what we want to do. Do what we can get absorbed in.


 There is no reason to stay in the current company.


 Listen to yourselves. If you still do not have a definite goal, decide whether you want to be professional with the given task at your company. Or you need to decide in what kind of job you want to be the top. The earlier you make up your mind, the more chances of success you will have in your life.


 If we are not happy with our company, I think what we should do before trying to change ourselves would be “Selection” and “Decision”. Then think about changing ourselves. It will not be too late afterwards.