Today’s blog post is about my book being published, so if you are not interested, please skip it.


On July 30, “The fastest way to become a competent businessperson”, a compilation of popular articles in this blog, is being published from NIPPON JITSUGYO PUBLISHING. Taking the book title from one of the blog articles, I revised and rewrote the posts that have received many views online.




Essentially, you do not need to pay for the book because you can read all the contents of the book here, but I would be truly grateful if you consider purchasing the book seeing it as part of support for this blog.

In addition to, the book will be available at bookstores all through Japan as well. Please take a look at the book if you see it somewhere.


Since February 2013, I have written this blog over two and a half years. At first, I wanted to write reviews on books and software as the name of this blog, “Books & Apps”, shows, but I couldn’t. The only thing I was able to write about was business people working hard at various companies I had visited. Then, I have found myself really interested in matters those businesspeople are struggling with.


Almost all of us face obstacles in work, so how much we can enjoy our job greatly affects our lives. Work also controls how much abundant materially at the same time. Over 12 years of experience as a consultant had given me many opportunities to meet and talk with people working at companies. Then, I have found out two things. One is no matter what job a businessperson is engaged in, he/she sometimes questions him/herself, “Why do I have to work?” or “What can I do to have a passion for my job?” The other is he/she holds his/her own thoughts to those questions and has his/her philosophy established by his/her own.


I earnestly hope to make this blog a space where we think together about various people and their views and philosophies I introduce here


In the book I am publishing, I have listed up practices and ideas I think useful, both for short-term and long-term objectives. If you could find the book as accessible as this blog, I would be truly delighted.


Thank you very much for visiting this blog. Thank you. 



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