39198189e583587846c913ca7249c41a_sA president said, “Work is merely a magnificent time killer”.

“Is it …..?”, I was totally bewildered by his word.

The president asked, “You have never thought so?”

I answered, “I assume many would say they work to make a living, not to kill time …..”

“You are right, but you don’t need to be picky about your job if you only have to earn your living expenses. Do you all want to get a stable job? The safer the better? Is it your ultimate goal?

“Indeed. There seem to be something more.”

“I believe the majority of people hope to have a job that is fun, contributes to society and is also fulfilling. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, I feel the same, especially recently.”

“Some might argue me, but that is why I insist, ‘Work is merely a magnificent time killer’.”

“Well, there would be many who consider their jobs more important.”

“Really? I always tell my employees ‘Work is merely a magnificent time killer’, though.”

“Oh …..”

“We all have something more important than a job.”

“You mean including yourself, too?”

“Of course”

“May I ask what that is?”

“Family, friends, those kinds of things overshadow work.”

“I agree, but …..”

“All employees at my company go home at a fixed time. In addition, they are strongly encouraged to participate in child-raising. It is a company policy.”

“Doesn’t it affect the performance of your company?

“Everybody never stops going after greater accomplishments, making the work tougher and tougher. If you set achievable goals, you can work in peace. Here, I question the basic premise. Why do presidents have to make their companies larger? I think those presidents are just forcing their employees to join their ambitions in most cases.”


He sounded self-deprecating.


His unusual policy lured me into a question.

“Your policy is pretty unique as a president. Could you share what has made you think that way?”

The president answered, “I used to be that type of president. I made my employees go after my ambition together with me. I had eagerly pursued my ambition, which made me pay with my family, friends and even my employees.”

I didn’t know how to respond.

He continued.

“I couldn’t appreciate the value of what I had had until I lost them. I was sacrificing the most precious things to keep myself busy. As soon as I realized it, I changed my goal. Now whether we can enjoy it is the most important to me. I value ‘moderate’ the most today.”


There is no doubt that dedicating yourself to your work is great, but the president knew there was something other than work to fulfill your life.



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