Many of us are getting ready for the end of this year these days, cleaning up our houses from corner to corner to welcome the New Year. (Not all of us, though.)

I want to write something light this time, so this post is about “Cleanliness.” 

I always feel there are two types of people who like cleanliness.


1.Type A : Fond of hygienic

Type A people absolutely love “Hygienic”. For them, a clean state means no dirt, no germ, no stink and no trash. Their best friends are sanitizing chemicals. They spray out those chemicals to the floor, walls, windows, the bath tub, the toilet…., literally to all the places. Their persistence and the huge amount of chemicals they scatter sometimes worry people around them, but they do not care. Filling the room with a smell of chlorine, they think chemicals are much better than germs.


As for laundry, they wash everything with plenty amount of detergent. They are so afraid of lacking cleaning chemicals that their cabinet is well-stocked with the refills.


As we can easily imagine, they love brand new houses, hate dirty rest rooms. No wonder.


They wash their hands all the time, which sometimes makes them look like a cleanliness freak. They damage their clothing from excessive washing.


They spend most of their time of the day or their free time on cleaning and washing. It is what they like to do, so they always work very hard. As a result, they are busy all the time.


They also hate dust. They cannot stand any dust on their clothes, so keep dust rollers within reach.


They never allow sweater pilling. Removing pilling with a clothing shaver is one of their hobbies.


They don’t trust their partners to do the cleaning and washing because they are never happy with the sloppy work done by their partners. Partners, keep it mind!! They are watching you! When get criticized, just listen to them. Do whatever they say.



Type B : Fond of tidiness

Type B people seek “Everything is kept in good order”. They love a state where there are no useless things and each item is placed in what it should be.


They are a big fan of storage items (shelves and cabinets etc.), labeling items (name stickers and tapes etc.) and organizing items (binders, files etc.).


First and foremost, Type B people deeply love dumping things. They believe the less is the better, so they do not hesitate to throw things away if they think those items are no longer necessary. They never think, “I might need it sometime in the future”. One day, a wife asks him, “I cannot find a box I left there. Do you know where it is?” He is not brave enough to tell her he stomped on the box and took it out, so mumbles, “Oh… that’s odd. Where it’s gone..?”


In their closet, there are only clothes they wear because they regularly check out the items and decide what to keep, what to go. Consequently, there are no clothes spread on the floor. There is no mess on the floor. (There could be plenty of dust, though)


They get nerved by handicrafts on the cabinet that their partner bought to decorate the room and shout (in their hearts), “Please do not bring useless items into our house!”


They are interested in a special feature on “How to organize your room” in magazines, but never follow the instructions suggested in those materials. Why? They just keep a number as well as a variety of items in their house to a minimum, so naturally they can keep a space, organize items and make their room tidy and neat.


Their worst enemy is empty Amazon packages, wrapping papers, paper bags, and empty cans of expensive chocolates. Once you relax your attention to them, they grow so rapidly.



In conclusion, Type A and Type B are mutually incompatible. Type A people never understand why Type B people can stand that “Uncleanliness” or vice versa.


Of course!

It is perfectly understandable.

Their definition of “Cleanliness” is different.