These days, expecting some kind of advice, quite a few people come to me and say, “I am thinking about leaving my company…”  Should I stay? Should I leave? It is such a difficult decision to make.

I am not a professional consultant for career, nor can I introduce other companies to them. In fact, I cannot do anything for them, but at least I can listen to them. Carefully listening to them, I have found out there are similarities in what they say, so I would like to briefly share the stories with you.


Some say, “I do not enjoy working at my company. I am doing my best, but my boss probably does not think I am. I might be expecting too much, so I should not make a fuss about my boss. I know it could be difficult to find another workplace. Even if I found the next place, I might feel the same there. Above all, I don’t have something that interests me in particular. What should I do?”


They are not criticizing their boss or anything. Indeed, they would be doing well currently. It seems they are just not feeling fulfilled at their work. I know how it feels, so I don’t think they are naïve. I am not going to give them ordinary, superficial words like “It is natural. Keep trying your best!” because they are fully aware of that.


 I could not help but wonder, “How many people end up at their first company?” I guess for employees in their 20s or 30s, the number would be nearly zero. In fact, a report from the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) says for employees under 40 years old, the length of service at a company is increasingly becoming shorter. This shows almost all of us will encounter the choice of whether to stay or not at some point.


Then, how do we decide “When is time to leave”? I definitely recommend you leave the place if you are working at companies like the one I mention below.


1         The president or your boss(es) are dumb

 If you cannot learn anything from the people at your company and you truly think you do not be like them, it is not the right place to work for you. For employees, who you work with matters much more than what you do in many cases. In addition, if you leave the company, your bosses who know you are not fond of them will be relieved. Both sides are happy.


2         Being fully aware of the illegality, your company commits violations like unpaid overtime work

Employees should not use the law as a shield to exploit what they want from their company. Morals are the very foundation at work. But employers also should not exploit the dedication and enthusiasm of their employees. This is such a fundamental rule that companies that cannot follow it will be kicked out of the society soon or later. Then, leave the company now.    


3         Passionate about something

If you have found something what you really want to do with your life, you are exceptionally lucky.


Do not hesitate to go for it.


4         Bored with your present job

Imagine days with no challenge or no new thing to learn, but with just the same routine. You could die of boredom. The world is changing rapidly and no longer allows you to stay where you are now, so living your life without objectives will jeopardize your future. Do not waste your precious time. Time is limited. Make your life with no regrets.


5         Physically or mentally, became ill

 Your health is much more important than your work. You can change the workplace, but sound body and sound mind are irreplaceable. 


If you are thinking about leaving your company besides the above mentioned reasons, it might be too early for the move. Society and life are full of unpredictable changes and never stay as they are. You might find a joy at your current company. That is also unpredictable for now.