You never can perfectly get along with everybody at work. It is inevitable that you find difference in the way of thinking, in the way of complete a job or under many other circumstances and start feeling uncomfortable and awkward to work with someone.


Most importantly, if you have to work with someone you feel awkward around him/her, you will be stressed out heavily. If a person sees his/her work as just the way to earn for living, it would be difficult for the person to co-exist with someone who seeks to fulfill his/her dream at work.


One of the most common troubles youth baseball teams have is a conflict between members who want to win and those who merely want to enjoy playing games. The same story applies to a company.

Then, what should you do? I think there are two ways to face the situation.


Believing conquering the difference or awkwardness will grow oneself, group A tries hard. On the other hand, group B regards the effort as a waste of time.


I agree with Group B.


Why? It is because I think “pushing yourself to build an amicable relationship with whom you feel uncomfortable to work with” is essentially useless. The merit never deserves the pain.

I know some would say it is simply the avoidance from a torture, but I still stick to the way of thinking.


I had gone through a lot of difficult scenes at various companies and found out a truth. Working with someone we feel “awkward” is simply a waste of time rather than an opportunity for growth and development.


Here is the thing. Feeling awkward is not because a person tells us something uncomfortable. We surely can accept severe comments on us as long as we feel a person is quite right. We never find legitimacy in somebody’s statement if we know he/she is not trustworthy.


The longer we spend time with someone, all of us, even children, can intuitively judge whether the person is reliable or not.


If you feel uneasy being with somebody, it is because you are picking up a signal that tells us you should not trust him/her, so there is little chance of removing the anxiety with efforts no matter how hard you try.


You do not need to reluctantly work with those who you feel uncomfortable or unreliable being with. It is not a matter of patience but the difference in philosophy or way of thinking. In the end, the sense of discomfort never goes away any ways.