4415406714_ba8a68ec2c_oI would like to share a company’s guidelines for new employees entitled “What we expect from our new employees” because I found the directness and practicality quite interesting.


“What we expect from our new employees”

1: Complete what you were asked to do

First and foremost, we want you to “complete what you were told to do”. The most important thing is you finish tasks assigned to you perfectly by the deadline. To be honest, we do not expect your creativity or originality at this moment. You can present them later on when you have learned more at work.

To learn work, make sure not to forget what you were asked to do. Take a memo to remember it. A piece of advice we could give you is you work a little bit hard to complete the task earlier than the deadline. Your seniors and bosses will be simply pleased by your little extra effort.


2: Get along with your boss

Carefully study your boss and explore what type of employee he/she likes because there is no theory about it. Some favor aggressive, some are fond of obedient. Some wants careful planning, some value actions. Not to mention, politeness is essential. Trying to establish a solution through careful observation will be certainly useful someday in the future when you work for your clients. If your boss is fond of you, you will be assigned important projects, will obtain necessary information, and will get promoted faster than others in the end.


3: Read books

You could search news and articles on the web, but we recommend you read books. Books contain much better quality information than online contents. It is all up to you on what you spend your salary, but we suggest you invest part of your stipend into books. You will get rewarded twice in ten years with the investment. What books should you read? Ask your boss or seniors.


4: Take miscellaneous duties

You might regard miscellaneous duties unworthy, but you should not ignore or avoid them because it is no doubt your boss and seniors are much more capable than you at the moment. It means it will be the most efficient for the company if you take care of trivial business. The situation could change over a few years, but try to perform this for the first year at least. Actually, you can learn a lot when you deal with miscellaneous tasks. It also enhances communication between you and your boss or seniors.


5: Observe the company’s rules

Unless you know the rules of your company, you cannot work in the organization. Please learn the rules. Some are clearly stipulated, but actually there are tons of “unstated rules”. You can grasp those rules by asking questions. When you are not certain about something, ask your boss and seniors. That is the most basic and important tip for you. Of course, rules do not always give you the right answer. You might have to ignore or break the rule sometimes, but only those who usually try to stick to the rules are allowed to do so when necessary. Before breaking the rules, ask for permission to break them and take action. This is the rule number one within an organization.



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